My works are the directly observed image of being, figurative fantasy. Collective analysis of moments. I combine together what a person feels and sees.

I am constantly looking for new combinations of color, techniques, forms and materials in various media. In fact, I am driven by the idea of ​ ​ creating and evolving innovation in art. My goal is to make the viewer not believe their eyes, in other words, meet magic.

So, through sketches painted with felt-tip-pens on paper, I switched to large canvases. Felt-tip-pens for me are a symbol of bright, magical, children's drawings

Nobody expects serious painting done with children's felt-tip pens.
But what if we take these "colored sticks" more seriously? Apply other approaches and techniques, surfaces and volumes.

Markers behave in a very unpredictable manner, so I have carried out numerous experiments with materials and their compatibility.

Due to their low color density, the markers perfectly overlap each other with half-tones, gradations, which allowed me to work with numerous layering of colors.
This process is similar to «knitting with colors».

this project about the protests in Belarus
Minsk 21/11/ 2015 SVOBODY 4
"Exhibition of Roma Kaminski"

Minsk 5/06/2016

Gallery of Contemporary Art Ў
Personal exhibition "Singular Invisible Present"

Kiev 07/06/2018 gallery "Educatorium"
participation in the exhibition "Peace Treaty"

Kiev14 / 06/2018 art PLATFORM plant
participation in the group exhibition "AKT"

Kiev 12/07/2018
design of the park from the gallery "Dukat" Reitarskaya 8B
"Utility Capture"

Minsk 17/08/2018 lo-fi customs
participation in the exhibition "karma: review"

Minsk 03/10/2019
National Center for Contemporary Arts
participation in the group exhibition "Presence"

Minsk 03/04/2020
Personal exhibition "Isolation"

Minsk 03/08/2020
online magazine about contemporary Belarusian art Chrysalis Mag
Group exhibition "Zerno"

Kiev 31/10/2020
online gallery of Ukrainian young art 39.9 gallery
Group exhibition-sale «Saturday art fair»

Stuttgart "ECLAT" 06/02/2021

Kiev 25/01/2022
Personal exhibition

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